Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Good EATS Program?

The Good EATS Program is meal plan that combines one-on-one coaching along with calorie-specific meals to help you lose weight and keep it off. Designed by a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, the program provides great tasting foods and a physical fitness element all for one of the most affordable rates in the industry.

Why is Good EATS different from other meal plans?

Good EATS is different from other meal plans because it combines healthy foods along with Health Coaches who provide dietary as well as physical-fitness-related-planning to help members who can benefit from their ideal diet as well as a physical fitness plan.

How can I try it?

If you want to try Good EATS out for one day you can select our 1 Day Meal Plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

I'm not trying to lose weight, is the program still good for me?

The Good EATS Program can be used to help maintain healthy diets. Our Health Coaches can help you choose a meal plan regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not or you can order whatever you want.

How much weight can I expect to lose on Good EATS?

Good EATS is all about slow and steady weight loss. You can expect to lose about ½ to 2 pounds per week although weight loss may be faster at the start of the program.

I want to refer my friends.  Do you have a referral incentive?

We offer clients a free day of meals when they refer a friend who joins the program.


How do I manage my account?

You can manage your account directly from the Good EATS website. You can also get help with your account by calling 631-264-7714.

How can I change my meal plan?

If you want to update your menu or change your meal plan simply log on to your Good EATS account on our website and update your preferences from there.

Can I auto-renew my meal plans each week?

Yes. We can use your credit card to auto-renew your meal plan so that you can continue to receive meals each week.

How can I cancel my account?

Cancel your account online or by calling customer support at 631-264-7714.


Can I customize my menu?

Yes. There are 100s of food combinations you can choose from. After your initial consultation you will be provided with feedback on your recommended caloric intake based on your weight loss goals. When customizing your menu it is important to try to stick to these recommendations. If you have questions about your daily caloric intake you can call a Health Coach to help you decide what to eat.

What if I have food allergies?

The Good EATS menu contains a list of ingredients for each menu item. In addition to looking here before ordering, communicate your allergies with your Health Coach so that they can help you avoid these specific food items.

What if I don't like the food?

We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with our food. If you are not, simply let us know and we will refund your meal in the form a different item.

How many calories does each day contain?

The amount of calories in each day varies depending on your menu selections. During your initial assessment your Health Coach will help you decide the amount of calories you should be consuming to meet your weight loss goals.

Can I drink alcohol on the diet?

It is ok to drink alcohol on the Good EATS Program but you’ll have to consider the carbohydrate and calorie amounts these foods contain. Alcohol and other beverages like juice or soda add calories, raise insulin levels, and can contribute to fat storage. In short, you’ll have to consume less food if you choose to have alcohol with your meal to maintain your ideal caloric intake.


Why Coaching?

Coaching is what sets Good EATS apart from other meal planning programs. Many times meal plan members don’t know what to eat, how much to eat, how to make healthy lifestyle changes and how to stay motivated. All of these things help to contribute to a sustainable, long-term weight loss program.

How does the coaching element work?

Each Good EATS client will be linked up with a Health Coach who will evaluate their current weight loss goals, BMI and dietary needs. Members will be able to consult with these coaches on a regular basis to get feedback on food, exercise and lifestyle habits so that they can stay focused on their individual goals.

Must I exercise while on the Good EATS program?

Nobody at Good EATS will make you exercise. However, a healthy diet combined with an exercise regimen is part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening will help you to lose more weight, improve your physique, and maintain a healthy body weight.

What if I don't need coaching?

Many people utilize Good EATS simply for the amazing foods and the convenience of a meal plan. If you don’t need coaching you are not required to utilize it.