Whole Diet Approach to Healthy Eating

Good EATS does not label food as "good" or "bad."  With this wholesome approach to dieting with a variety of options, we allow our clients an opportunity to learn how to build a new relationship with food and dieting that will foster not only better physical health, but also mental health.  With the support of their Good EATS coach, each client can feel comfortable ordering food choices they enjoy, knowing they are balanced and nutritious.

Coinciding with the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Total Diet Approach to Healthy Eating, the Good EATS Meal Plan Program promotesteh idea that all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle if consumed in moderation with appropriate portion size, combined with physical activity.

In contrast to the total diet approach, classification of specific foods as good or bad is overly simplistic and can foster unhealthy eating behaviors.  Focusing on variety, moderation, and portion control in the context of a healthy lifestyle, rather than targeting specific nutrients or foods, can help reduce consumer confusion and prevent unnecessary reliance on supplements. (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics February 2013.)