Nutritionist Coaching

Nutrition coaching

Whatever your goals are, enlisting the help of a nutrition coach will help you reach them. While we have done our best to classify the meals into easy-to-follow categories, a nutrition coach will help you decide which food items are best for your preferences and your ideal results.

Nutrition Coach


  • Weekly interaction with Nutrition Coach
  • 30-60-90 Day consultations and check ups
  • Access to Nutrition Coach during business hours

Help ALL along the way. One issue that traditional meal plans have is that there is really no accountability and coaching along the way. The Good EATS Program solves this problem. Our definition of a meal program consists of both delicious food choices and help along the way to reach your goals.

Your goals are our goals and we look forward to working with you to make your fitness dreams become a reality.

You probably already know that Good EATS is designed to be a results-driven meal planning program. So what does this mean exactly? A results-driven program means that the Good EATS team will do everything in its power to help you achieve what you want most.

Your Good EATS coach cares about you and your results. Unlike other meal plans where you simply order food and are left to your own devices, Good EATS puts a team in place that ensures you are getting the results that you want to live a happier, healthier life!

  • Motivation
  • Snacking
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Concerns
  • Fears
  • And more!


The coach’s at Good EATS are 100 percent focused on helping you to achieve your goals. Understanding that everyone will benefit from different and varying levels of coaching, your personal coach will be your go-to partner to help you successfully transition into a healthier, more productive life.

Just as a sports coach wouldn’t tell their players what to do, our coaches are here to make suggestions and be a sounding board for your questions or concerns on how to reach your nutritional and lifestyle goals. Once you sign up for a Good EATS meal plan feel free to utilize your coach to help you achieve your goals, wants and needs through consistent communication. You can ask or discuss a variety of things including but not limited to: how we guide you through meal planning!  

The Initial Evaluation

Your nutrition coach will be your primary contact within the program that can help you to construct a custom eating and exercise regimen based on your unique body type and goals.

Good EATS is unique in that it is a total solution to nutrition, weight loss, exercise and a combination of all of these healthy lifestyle elements. Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and your coach, Registered Nutritionist and Program Manager will help you to design a meal plan that works for your exact health or weight loss goals. In addition to meal plan consultations, a healthy lifestyle includes exercise and our program is designed to coincide with people who are active as this will help to bring them the best results. Although many of our members simply want convenient or more nutritious food options, our most ideal clients are those who want a healthier alternative to what they are doing and emphasize exercise as part of the total solution.

Before we have an idea of the foods that you should be eating your Good EATS team will take some initial measurements to determine your goals and the amount of personalized coaching you’ll need. You can expect us to measure things like your height, weight, body fat, body mass index (a

measure of body fat based on height and weight), waist size, weight loss goals and more. We want to see what your eating habits are like and educate you about your food choices.

We will also plug your personal caloric consumption and weight into a formula to analyze what you are currently eating and its effect on your weight. If you want to lose weight we will develop a plan to assess the amount of calories you need to cutout of your diet each day and show you how long it is going to take to achieve results. After we get a scientific assessment of what you need to do to lose weight we show you how to order based on that information.

For example, a member who wants to lose 12 pounds in three months would get on a meal plan that saw that they lost at least one pound per week. The elimination of 3,500 calories per week (the equivalent of one pound) would help them to reach this goal in a safe and healthy manner. Once that number is calculated, a meal plan that met those specs could be recommended and followed for the following three months. After the member gets help ordering the ideal meal plan, they can then take it from there and continue to order along those guidelines.